Add Seed Cluster

Add new seed cluster to existing master

Install kubernetes cluster

First, you need to install kubernetes cluster with some additional components. You can use seed installation guide for it. After the installation of kubernetes you will need a copy of kubeconfig to create a configuration for the new kubermatic master/seed setup.

Install kubermatic for seed cluster

First, you will need to update values.yaml and use this file to update kubermatic master using helm. Second, you will need a part of master values.yaml e.g. values-seed.yaml and install kubermatic in the seed cluster with this values.

Edit existing kubeconfig of the kubermatic master

Add a second cluster to the kubeconfig (first seed is where the master component is running), this is our seed cluster. You can copy the values from kubeconfig of cluster you have just created.

apiVersion: v1
- cluster:
  certificate-authority-data: ...
  name: ...

Add a second context to the contexts area:

- context:
    cluster: ...
    user: ..
  name: ...

Add a second user to the users area:

- name: ...
    client-certificate-data: ...
    client-key-data: ...
    token: ...

Edit existing datacenters.yaml of the kubermatic master

Add a second seed cluster to the datacenters.yaml. You can change some of the existing data centers to have a new seed. Now put the new base64 encoded values for datacenters: ... and kubeconfig: ... to values.yaml with configuration for kubermatic.

Create a configuration for kubermatic seed

For the seed cluster, you need a stripped version of the values.yaml, you can see an example here

After the configuration file is created, you can install kubermatic to the cluster. You will need some additional services: * install tiller on it * install nodeport-proxy when running on a cloud provider * install minio for storing etcd snapshots * install kubermatic like below

Install kubermatic on the new seed cluster with the new values-seed.yaml:

helm upgrade --install --wait --timeout 300 --values values-seed.yaml --namespace kubermatic kubermatic charts/kubermatic/

Update the master cluster:

helm upgrade --install --wait --timeout 300 --values values.yaml --namespace kubermatic kubermatic charts/kubermatic/

The second seed cluster is now installed.